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Halloween is beckoning towards us once again; it seems to creep upon every year. A Disney staple for Halloween since 1993, Hocus Pocus continues to enthrall and enchant audiences today. With the season well underway, let’s take a moment to revisit our October 2013 commentary for the film. Your hosts for this bewitching tour of 1993 Salem include Albert Gutierrez, Pedro Hernandez, and Kelvin Cedeño. This episode, recorded to celebrate Hocus Pocus’ twentieth anniversary, primarily focuses on the film’s connections to Disney’s other forays into the supernatural and the macabre, tales from the production of the film, and several notable instances of illogical and anachronistic storytelling, while still celebrating the film’s loving tribute to the Halloween season, viewers’ reaction and nostalgia through the years, and our own personal views towards the film in both a childhood context and as revisited nostalgia.

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